Faculty of Business Studies DU

Faculty of Business Studies Du is the most demandable department all over the world. Dhaka University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. It’s the 25th Number Universities in the world ranking. It has 84 departments of 13 faculties.
Among them, the faculty of business studies is one of the most important departments.

Faculty of Business Studies DU

Faculty of business studies University of Dhaka

The faculty of Business Studies of Du is one of the best of the top 10 business schools in Asia. Where is the golden opportunity to prove its creativity Overtime; its demand is increasing. Currently, there are nine departments in FBS.

Why do the students want to study here?
For nine reasons, the students want to read at the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) of Dhaka University

The top 9 reasons, the students want to read at the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) of Dhaka University are

1. BBA Degree: BBA degrees are the most demandable degrees in the world. And Dhaka university is one of the oldest and most essential universities for getting BBA Degrees. For a better jobs and life, students want to study at Dhaka University’s FBS.

2. E-Library: The world is in the hands of the hand. Not only that, it is the largest in Asia. A peaceful place for study There are also many foreign country book creations, more than 50 individual computers for visiting international libraries. There is also AC and WIFI. In one word, the dream place. Which you get open from 8 am to 10 pm.

3. FBS Centric Club: Most of the leading clubs of Dhaka University started from FBS. In that case, FBS has a unique opportunity to develop its SKILL Development as well as its CV. There are also different clubs in each department.

4. Food Court: You can come to the Food Court with your bf / Gf/ friend/relatives Where you can find different local food items.

5. FBS Boys Common Room with ice cream parlor: Contemporary Common Room You have ice cream there. Not only that. There are chess and carrom board games and arrangements to spend lazy time. And there’s TV.

6. Girls Common room: Girls’ Chatroom. I heard that it was the place of excitement.

7. MBA Building: A vast building. Where is the future Leading Corporate Officer there? Where each class is highly decorated

8. Bidanahar: Do not go far. In front of the gate, you will see the sprawling artificial faculty of Business. And if you want to enjoy its beauty you will have to come in the evening.

9. Honor Dean Shibli Rabayet Sir: The contribution of FBS to Amul’s change is the highest contribution he is to our Dean Sir. Today, FBS has become a current faculty due to the skills, experience and coordinated plans of Sir.

Dhaka University Faculty List:

1. Finance department Dhaka University

Contact Info:

 Name: Kismat Ahsan
Designation: Chair Man 
Address: Department of Finance, Dhaka University, Dhaka 1000. 
Phone:  880-2-96619000_ext -8010-& 9635217 -Direct- 
Fax:  880-2-9635217 
Email: kismat_ahsan@du.ac.bd & kismat_ahsan@yahoo.com 
Website:  n / a 

2. Department of Accounting and Information systems University of Dhaka

department of accounting and information systems university of dhaka

Contact Info:

 NameMd. Abdul Hakim
AddressDepartment of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000.
Fax: 880-2-8615583 
Email: ais@du.ac.bd 
Website:  n/a 

3. Department of Marketing

Department of Marketing

Contact Info:

Name:Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan
Address:Department of Marketing,
Faculty of Business Studies
Dhaka University, Dhaka 1000
Phone:880-2-8611996-ext (7954)


4. Department of Management Dhaka University

department of management dhaka university

Contact Info:

 Name:Ali Akas
Designation: Chair Man
Address:Department of Management,Dhaka University, Dhaka -1000
Phone:880 -2 -9661900 – Ext: -7836 
Fax:880 – 2- 8615583 

5. Department of Banking and insurance

Department of Banking and insurance

Contact Info:

Name: Professor Shibli Rubayat- Ul- Islam
Designation: Chairman
Address: Department of Banking and Insurance, University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000
Phone: 880-2-9661900-ext (8081/8082)
Fax: 880-2-8615583
Email: banking@du.ac.bd
Website: n/a

6. Department of Management information systems

Department of Management information systems

Contact Info:

Name: Department of Management Information Systems
Designation: Chairman
Address: MBA Building, 1st Floor,
Faculty of Business Studies, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Phone: 01911-673138, 01766-717108
Fax: 880-2-8615583
Email: director.mis.emba@du.ac.bd
Website: n/a

 7. Department of International Business

Department of International BusinessContact info:

Name: Mohammad Rakib Uddin Bhuiyan
Designation: Assistant Professor & Chairperson
Address: Department of International Business, University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000.
Phone: 880-2-9661900-ext (7840)
Fax: 880-2-8615583
Email: ib@du.ac.bd
Website: http://www.du.ac.bd

8. Department of Tourism and hospitality management

Department of Tourism and hospitality managementContact Info:

 Name: Department of Tourism and hospitality management
 Designation: Professor & Chairperson
 Address: Department of Tourism and hospitality management, Dhaka University, Dhaka   1000.
Phone: 880-2-9661900-ext (7840) 
Fax: 880-2-8615583 
Email: ib@du.ac.bd 
Website: http://www.du.ac.bd 

 9. Department of Organization Strategy & Leadership.

Department of Organization Strategy & Leadership.

Contact info:

Name: Muhammad Abdul Moyeen, Ph.D. (Glasgow)
Designation: Professor & Chairman
Address: Room 7052, MBA Building (Eastern Wing) Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka
Email: osl@du.ac.bd

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Each department is very demandable.

Total Seats of Faculty of Business Studies at Dhaka University

The number of candidates is around 50 thousand. However, some of the mercenaries are in place.
Many people are currently doing BBA. It is not just education and respect. If you want to make a BBA from Dhaka University, you will have to dream every dream and believe in yourself, yes, I can. It’s enough.
Start the day’s dream journey.