Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh

Welcome to Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh. Many universities in Bangladesh ‘s known as public and private universities. Here are the top 10 Public universities list and details that will help you to understand about the most famous and most prominent universities in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh

Here is the list of top 10 universities in Bangladesh.

  • BUET
  • Dhaka University
  • Rajshahi University
  • Jahangir Nagar University
  • Chittagong University
  • BAU
  • KUET
  • SUST
  • CUET
  • RUET

1. Bangladesh University of engineering and technology (BUET):

BUET is the most popular and number one university in Bangladesh. BUET was established in 1876.About 5500 students are studying here. It has four central departments including 16 sub-departments. The central four departments are faculty of engineering, Faculty of civil engineering, faculty of mechanical engineering and faculty of architecture and planning. The official website of BUET is

2. University of Dhaka(DU):

The University of Dhaka is the largest and most beautiful university of Bangladesh for higher education. This is the first university of Bangladesh which is established in 1921. The number of students at Dhaka University now 30,015. It has 84 departments of 13 faculties. The website address of Dhaka University is

3. Rajshahi University(RU):

Rajshahi University is also one of the largest and well-known universities in Bangladesh. RU is situated in Rajshahi Division in Bangladesh. The RU was established in 1953. The number of student in Rajshahi university is 26,495 (December 2015). It has 58 departments which are organised into ten faculties department. The website address of RU is

4. Jahangirnagar University(JU):

The University of Jahangirnagar is the most beautiful university in Bangladesh. The JU is located at Savar in Dhaka. The JU was established in 1970. There are 34 departments of six faculties. Almost 16,784 students are studying here. The web address of Jahangirnagar University is

5. Chittagong University(CU):

Chittagong University is also the most famous university in Bangladesh. It has a big campus. Chittagong University was established in 1966. It has 52 departments under seven faculties department. The number of students at Chittagong University is 24,283. The primary web address of Chittagong University is

6. Bangladesh Agricultural University(BAU):

BAU is a famous agricultural university in Bangladesh. It was founded in It has 43 departments. Almost 5400 students are studying here. It was situated in Mymensingh. The main website of BAU is

7. Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET):

KUET is also a famous engineering university in Bangladesh. It was established in 1969 and situated in Khulna. 18 departments organise KUET under three faculties. The number of students in KUET is 5200. The website of KUET is

8. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology(SUST):

SUST is one of the best engineering and Technology University in Bangladesh. It is situated in Sylhet and established in 1987. The number of department of SUST is 28, and there are almost 10,000 studying here. The web address of SUST is

9. Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology(CUET):

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology is also the engineering university of Bangladesh. It was established in 1968. It was 15 departments of 5 faculties. The number of students in CUET is 4,500. The website address of CUET is

10. Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology(RUET):

Rajshahi University is one of the oldest university in Bangladesh. RUET was established in 1964. It has currently eighteen departments under four faculties where 3654 Students are studying. The leading Website address of RUET is

These universities are the best public universities in Bangladesh.

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