Top 10 National University In Dhaka

Welcome to Top 10 National University In Dhaka. National University is the parent University all over Bangladesh. It is the second largest University in the world according to enrolment. The headquarters of nu is Gazipur in Dhaka. Dhaka has many national University. Top ten national university of Dhaka given below.

Top 10 National University In Dhaka

They are many universities in Dhaka division. Some Universities called public and some universities called private and also some called National. Lots of national universities are now in Dhaka. Here is the List top 10 National University in Dhaka.

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Top 10 National University in Dhaka

Serial Number College Name
1 Dhaka College
2 Eden Mohila College
3 Govt. Titumir College
4 Dhaka City College
5 Tejgaon College
6 Kabi Nazrul Govt. College
7 Govt. Bangla College
8 Dhaka Commerce College
9 Government Science College Dhaka
10 Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College


Information and Full Details
Top colleges in Dhaka

1. Dhaka college Dhaka :

Dhaka college Dhaka

Dhaka college is the most populous and public college located in Dhaka. It offers students for Higher secondary education. It has Bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. It was invented in 1841. Dhaka college provides students with an exclusive hall. The college of Dhaka affiliated with Dhaka University since February 16, 2017. It offers students for H.S.C, four years honors and One year Masters Degrees. Total 21 principal departments have at Dhaka College.

Department Of Dhaka College:

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Department Name
English Accounting Management
Bengali Botany Chemistry
Geography & Environment History Islamic History and Culture
Arabic & Islamic Studies Library & Information Science Mathematics
Marketing Political Science Psychology
Philosophy Physics Statistics
Sociology Zoology


Dhaka College Library

Dhaka college has a big library and It has more than 30,000 books. Students efficiently collect the book from the library.

Short Information about Dhaka College

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2. Eden Mohila College:

Eden Mohila College

Eden Mohila college is the most significant women college in Bangladesh. There are no such universities in Bangladesh like Eden Mohila College. It established in 1873. The location of Eden Mohila College is in Azimpur Dhaka. Its offers Students for four years honors, masters and Degrees pass the course. The number of students of Eden Mohila College is more than 35,000. It has six significant departments including 23 sub-departments.

6 Major Departments:

  • ICT

Department Of Eden Mohila College

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Library Of Eden Mohila College

It has a big library and more than 20,000 books have the library.

Short Information About Eden Mohila College

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3. Govt. Titumir College:Govt. Titumir College

Govt. Titumir College is one of the greatest and reputed University in Bangladesh.It is bigger than all colleges in Bangladesh.It has a big campus for their students.At a time more than 50,000 students can study in this college. Its located in Gulshan Dhaka. It established in 1968. It offers students with Honors, the pass course of Degrees and Masters. It has 22 departments for their students.

Departments of Govt. Titumir College

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Department Name
Accounting Bangla Botany
Chemistry Economics English
Finance and Banking Geographic and Environment Science History
Islamic history and Culture Islamic Studies Management
Marketing Mathematics Psychology
Philosophy Physics Political Science
Social Work Sociology/Social Science Statistics & Zoology


Short Information About Govt. Titumir College

Address: Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road, Dhaka 1213
Phone: 02-9886737
Principal: Abu Haider Ahmed Naser
Number of students: 65,000
Founded: 1968

4. Dhaka City College:

Dhaka City College is the oldest one college in Bangladesh. It established in 1957. The location Of Dhaka City college is Dhanmondi Dhaka. Dhaka City College is a private educational institute. It offers students for H.S.C, Honors and Masters Degrees. More than 25,000 are studying at Dhaka City College. More than ten departments have DCC.

Departments are :
-Finance and Banking
-BBA – Professional
-Business Studies
-Science Discipline
-Arts Discipline
-Computer Science and Engineering-Professional

Short Information About Dhaka City College:

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5. Tejgaon College

Tejgaon College
Tejgaon College is a famous college in Dhaka City. It also an old college of Dhaka in Bangladesh. It established in 1961. Location of Tejgaon College is Farmgate Dhaka. It has more than 30,000 students. It offers students for H.S.C, honors and Masters education. It has a total 29 Department for studying.

Department Of Tejgaon College

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Department Name
Accounting BBA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Botany Chemistry CSE
Economics English Finance and Banking
Geography History Home Economics
Islamic History Islamic Studies LLB
Management Marketing Mathematics
Philosophy Physics Political Science
Psychology Social Work Sociology
Statistics Theatre and Media Studies Tourism and Hospitality Management


Short Information About Tejgaon College

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6. Kabi Nazrul Govt. College

Kabi Nazrul Govt. College
Kabi Nazrul Govt. College is a most advanced college in Bangladesh. Its also oldest college in Dhaka. It established in 1874. It is a government college of Bangladesh. It upgraded his all the department. That’s why its called Modern and great college. It offers students for H.S.C and Honors Degrees as well as Masters Degrees. The Location of Kabi Nazrul Govt. College is Laxmi Bazar Dhaka. It has three faculty department including 17 sub-department.

Department Of Kabi Nazrul Govt. College


Short Information About Kabi Nazrul Govt. College

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7. Govt. Bangla College:

Govt. Bangla College
Govt. Bangla college is also a famous college in Bangladesh. Its a great college of Dhaka Bangladesh. It established in 1962. It’s not only a Bangla college it also has other subjects for their students. It will be the number one college in Bangladesh because of the development of Dhaka Bangla Collge increasing day by day. It has a total of 20 departments.

Department Of Bangla College

EnglishBanglePolitical Science
SociologyAccountingFinance & Banking
Islamic StudiesIslamic History & CulturalBotany
Social WelfareSoil Science

Short Information About Govt.Bangla College:

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8. Dhaka Commerce College:

Dhaka Commerce College
Dhaka commerce college is the masters level institution in Bangladesh which is established in 1989. It is the only college that students can study in both Bengali and English and This college is especially for commerce students. It offers students for H.S.C to Post Graduates Degrees. They are ten departments in Dhaka Commerce College.

Departments of Dhaka Commerce College

  • Accounting
  • Bengali
  • Commercial Geography
  • Economics
  • English
  • Finance
  • Management Studies
  • Marketing
  • Secretarial and Office Management
  • Statistics and Computer

Short Information about Dhaka Commerce College:

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9. Government Science College Dhaka:

Government Science College Dhaka

Government Science College Dhaka is one of the best and the public college in Dhaka. Its also known as Science college. It founded in 1954. The location of government science college is Tejgaon Dhaka. It offers students Only H.S.C and S.S.C education. So No honors syllabus available at Government Science College.

Short Information About Government Science College

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10. Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College:

Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College
Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College is also an old college in Dhaka. It situates in old Dhaka city. More than 20,000 students are studying in this college. It’s also a famous college in Dhaka city. More than 17 dedicated teachers are teaching these college students. It offers students with honours and Masters education. The whole departments of this college are 17.

Departments Of Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College:


Short Information About Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College

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List of the national university in Dhaka

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