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Welcome to Victory Day Of Bangladesh | Picture & Celebration. Victory Day Of Bangladesh is a unique day of glory in the history of Bengali. In the self-sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs, the extraordinary heroism and struggle of the ordinary people. The liberation of the freedom fighters liberated on this Victory Day Of Bangladesh. The victory of the nine months of liberation took place in Bangladesh. The defeated invaders have surrendered. Such is the history of achievement and no other nation. 48 years have passed out of that stream in the flow of flow.

Victory Day Of Bangladesh is one of the most memorable days of our country. In 1971, Bangladesh respected all over the world for its glorious victory. All the information of this article collected from Wikipedia.

Victory Day Of BangladeshVictory Day Of Bangladesh

The war of declaration of independence fiercely frees the country, but very few people have. So nine months after the nine-month armed conflict, it is unique. A new history happened in the world. Dhaka University Professor Muntasir Mamun, however, did not give any information about the genocide, rape, torture and persecution of the Pakistani and Razakars and Al-Badrs of Bangali in the war of liberation. Now, with the economic challenges of the future, along with the spirit of liberation war will have to take help to overcome reactionary, extremist fundamentalism and militancy.

So there is a lot of responsibility for this generation of anniversaries of Bangladesh. As the difference should be known, the independence and victory day, as well as the call of independence, on 7th March, the historic speech of Bangabandhu will mark the significance of the landmark statement on 7th March, he told them.

16 December 1971 victory day Bangladesh
16 December 1971 victory day Bangladesh

On 16th December 1971, our hero freedom fighters took away the liberation war through the great liberation war, the shining sun of independence. Those people who have received this freedom in their blood and souls remembered concerning this nation. We received this freedom in exchange for thirty lakhs of lives. Dhaka’s language movement dumped in the blood of martyrs. Because of this anger, gradually, the people of Salam, Barkat, Shafir, and many others, have poured out the blood of the chest by pouring the blood of the mothers for the language of the mother tongue, they gradually became a protest against the injustices and injustices of the Bengali nationals.

Ultimately, the election shows by the people of the seventies; despite the victory of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the election, the Pakistani military government was not able to hand over power, the nation blown in the fire. Finally, under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Bengali people were fully prepared for the struggle to establish their right.

The celebration of Victory Day in Bangladeshcelebration of Victory Day in Bangladesh

Victory Day Of Bangladesh of 1971, Pakistani army officially surrendered to the Indian military in Dhaka. I went to see how the Victory Day of this year celebrated in several places in Dhaka. The whole area is full of music at the festival. Famous festival is going on since evening. But at this moment everyone is eager, waiting for the Atasabaji festival.

  • The Victory Day program began 31 times with the help of tapping the National Parade Square in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the capital.
  • The subsequent program revolves around the National Memorial in Savar. For the preparation of Victory Day, it will close for the last few days.
  • After the sunrise, the President and Prime Minister paid tribute to the martyrs in the war of liberation by placing flowers in the memorial of independence.
  • On the Victory Day, major cities including the capital equipped with main roads and roadways national flag. Illumination is done at important buildings and establishments at night. Better meals serve in hospitals, prisons, and orphanages.

16 December Bangladesh
16 December Bangladesh

On 16 December, Bangladesh decorated a new one. Every year on this day we think that the sun feels fresh. The great Victory Day is celebrated in every district of the country, from the Upazila to the region, from the union to the village, in the festival atmosphere. On the day of the great liberation war, our heroes robbed the freedom fighters, the shining sun of independence. Those who have received this freedom in blood and blood, we respect them today. We got this freedom in exchange for three million lives. Mike was playing in one of the most parts of the country:

“One sea which brought Bengal’s independence in exchange for blood, we never forget you.”

16 December Bangladesh

Thank you very much for reading this post. Advance Victory Day wishes everyone. Everyone loves to love the country. Work for the welfare of the country then the state will prosper.

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