Labour Day History – May Day 2022

Welcome to Labour Day History 2021. International Workers’ Day, commonly called May Day. Every year on May 1st, it is celebrated worldwide. It is the celebration day of the International Workers’ Movement. Workers and labor organizations in different countries of the world celebrate the day by organizing rallies and procession held on the streets. May 1 is the national holiday in almost 80 countries around the world. In many states, it celebrates privately.

In 1886, the workers of Hay Market in Chicago, USA, developed a considerable movement demanding appropriate wages and eight hours of daily work.

Labour Day History

Labour Day History
Labour Day History

In 1886, Amorikar commemorated in honor of the martyrdom of the massacre of the HA market in the city of Chicago. The factory was swallowing the entire life of the worker. The intolerable environment had to work for 16 hours a day. The workers’ health was broken down during the week. Skilled children became skeletal. The claim was that the whole life of the workers could not buy in the mill-factory. During the 8-hour Labor Day demand movement, the workers of the 1 May of the year called for a strike. Labour Day History Working now.

Nearly three lakh workers participated in the rally. On the one hand, the police forces suddenly opened fire at the procession of workers protesting against the angry workers. In this, 11 unarmed workers killed in police firing, wounded and arrested many more workers. The protests were spread all over the world. Later, the demand for the workers of the movement forced to accept the United States government.

May Day History

May Day History
May Day History

On May 14, 1889, the International Labor Conference held in France declared as Labor Day. The next year, from 1890 to 1 May, ‘May Day’ or ‘International Workers’ Day is being observed worldwide. Through the international recognition of May Day, there has been a massive change in the working class of the world. The effect of this day on the owner-labor relations is the prolific expansion. By the time the daily work of the workers came down from 16 hours to 8 hours.

Workers from all over the world started getting proper status of their labor through this. They move forward in front of their rights. The working people began to release from their chained life. Another new section of social change added to the history of the world.

See how May Day celebrateু in a few notable countries of the world.


In Algeria, May 1st celebrated as National Labor Day and celebrated as a weekly holiday from 1962 to 1st May.


Argentina has a regular holiday on May Day and officially celebrated. In the main cities, the street march carried out in the streets. There are also several discussion meetings organized. In 1890, the first labor day celebrated in Argentina, at the same time the International Labor Movement celebrated for the first time. Vaccination officially announced in 1930.


Labor Day celebrates as a general holiday in Brazil. Labor unions spend day-to-day discussions Traditionally, the minimum wages of most professional departments reschedule this day.

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