International Mother Language Day Paragraph Full

Welcome to International Mother Language Day Paragraph. 21st February is known as International mother language day in all over the world. Internation Mother language day is the most respectable event in Bangladesh. On this day of 1952 Bengali achieved Bangla as a state language. In 1999 The UNESCO declared it will celebrate all over the world with great respect. From that day it celebrates globally. Internation mother language Day Paragraph is very important for all class students as well as different job exam. International Mothe Language Day Paragraph gives different competitive exams. So, it is very important all level students In Bangladesh.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph

The 21st of February is the International Mother Language Day.  Every nation has remarkable achievements that they can take pride in it. Our language day is our national event and success. Now, after the identification, our language day observes globally as international mother language Day. The ruling authority of west Pakistan recognized Urdu as the state language of Pakistan in 1948 and tried to impose it on the Bangla speaking majority people. The ruling authority imposed section 144 all over the country as the protest grew powerful. However, when students politicians and general masses brought out a procession in Dhaka University area defying section 144, the police imposed fire on the parade. As a result, Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat, Shafiq met martyrdom. Finally, Bangla recognized as the state language.

On 17 November 1999, UNESCO declared that UNESCO would observe the day internationally. Through UNESCO recognition, our language day got international status. Since 1952, the 21st of February is obeyed as the language day in our nation. We memorialize our martyrs. e is the only country in the world to sacrifice lives for mother language. The international mother language Day is an excellent recognition of our history and our achievement

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Peoples Activites On February 21

On February 21 People get up early in the morning remembering the memory of the martyrs. They walk barefooted to the Shahid Mina. Most of them put on Black badges on their breast of the shoulder. They go to the Shahid Minar singing the most cherished son ” Amar Bhaer Rockte Rangano…..”. People pay homage and tribute to the memory of the martyrs. They offer flowers, prayers and suras o the martyr’s souls. They also gather in the in the mosque, temple, and some other religious institution and pray for the salvation of the martyrs departed soul. People also attend meeting and seminars to get inspiration to uphold their mother tongue.

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