Spring Season Essay For All Class Students

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Spring Season Essay

Introduction: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. One of them is Spring. The season which I like best is the Spring. The Spring is the king of the season. In Bangladesh, it consists of the months of Falgun and Chaitra. The season is rich in colour, beauty, music and smell.

The Condition of Weather in Spring: In the Spring the weather is sunny. Nature looks bright and joy. In early Spring the sky is cloudless. But as the season advances patches of the white cloud are found floating across the sky. 

Main Features: With the coming of this season, nature puts on a new and gay look. Everything looks fresh. The sky is blue. The trees put forth new leaves. The south-west wind blows. It cools and refreshes the body. Everywhere there is joy and mirth. 

Sight and Sound: The Spring is the season of flowers. Various kinds of flowers bloom. The air is heavy with their scent. Bees come in swarms for their honey. Their humming sound fills the air. Butterflies fly from flower to flower. Their colourful wings present a charming sight. It is also the season fo songs and sweet notes. The cuckoo hides in bushes and coos. The Songbirds sing. Others birds twitter. Men also sing sweet songs. 

Its Influence on People:  The charming sights and sounds exercise a significant influence on the people of Bangladesh. It is the season which inspires the poets to write many lyrical peops. The songs of the cuckoo make people emotional fo time being. 

Condition of Life: The Spring is the king of the season. Harvesting has already been done. So people are not severely in want. They also enjoy good health. So they are most happy in this season. 

Conclusion: We regard Falgun and Chaitra as Spring season. Yet its real stay in our country is not more than two or three weeks in Falgun. Its short stay has made it dearer to us.