Du Ka Unit Admission Circular & Result 2018-19

Are you searching for Du Ka Unit Admission Circular 2018-19? Dhaka University is also known as Du in short. Dhaka University is one of the most populous and reputed university in Bangladesh and world ranking 25. It is a massive dream for every student to admit Dhaka university for completing their graduation. Du recently published Ka unit admission circular for regular session 2018-19.

Only those who were in science at SSC and HSC can apply for admission to Dhaka University. Du A unit is known as an engineering unit which covered with the most valuable subjects. The subjects of Ka unit in Dhaka university is very high in Job Sectors. So if a student got chance to admit Dhaka university for their graduation, their life would be very successful.

Dhaka University ka Unit Admission 2018-19

Those who want to study this affiliate of Dhaka University, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Earth Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Technology Faculty and Statistical Research Faculty, Food Science Faculty and Leather Engineering and Technology Faculty and want to build a career, there is no alternative except for ‘A’ unit. If you’re going to study at the University of Dhaka University, you will have to examine thoroughly. Life can be beneficial if you get admitted to this unit.

Dhaka University Ka Unit Admission Apply and Exam Date

For the year 2018-2019 academic session of Dhaka University, the admission process for online admission to the 1st year undergraduate honors category will start on July 31 at 5 pm on Tuesday. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Md. The decision took at a meeting of the general admission committee for admission in the first year under the chairmanship of Akhtaruzzaman.

A-unit admission test on 28 September Friday

Dhaka University Ka Unit Subject List

  1. Physics                                                                  12. Fisheries Science
  2. Mathematics                                                          13. Gene Engineering and Biotechnology
  3. Chemistry                                                              14. Zoology
  4. Statistics                                                                15. Geography and Environment
  5. Applied Mathematics                                             16. Geology
  6. Soil, water and environment                                 17. Ocean Science
  7. Botany                                                                   18. Disaster Science and Management
  8. Biochemistry and Inspiring Science                      19. EEE
  9. Psychology                                                            20. Applied Chemistry and Chemistry
  10. Microbiology                                                          21. Nuclear Engineering
  11. CSE                                                                       22. Robotics and Micronics Engineering

Dhaka University Ka Unit Admission Requirements

Eligibility is required to be admitted to the ka unit of Dhaka University. Depending on the SSC and HSC results, a student can apply for “A” unit.

Minimum qualification for admission test: SSC-3.5, HSC-3.5 Total- 8.00
The requirement of minimum grade required for HSC / equivalent exam for admission in DU A unit. Let start:


Serial No Subject Minimum Grade
1 Physics Physics A, Mathematics A
2 Mathematics Mathematical A
3 Chemistry Chemistry A, Mathematics A, Physics A
4 Statistics Mathematical A
5 Applied Mathematics Mathematical A, Physics A-


Serial No Subject Minimum Grade
1 Soil, water and environment Chemistry B, (Mathematics-B or Biology B)
2 Botany Biology B
3 Biochemistry and Inspiring Science Chemistry A-, Mathematical B, Biology B
4 Psychology Biology / Mathematics B
5 Microbiology Chemistry A-, (Biology A- or Mathematical B)
6 Fisheries Science Biology B, Mathematical B
7 Gene Engineering and Biotechnology Chemistry B, Biology B, Mathematical B
8 Zoology Biology B


  • Pharmacy: Chemistry A, Mathematics B, Biology A-

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Serial No Subject Minimum Grade
1 Geography and Environment Geography A or Physics B or Mathematical B or Biology B
2 Geology Mathematics A Physics B chemistry B
3 Ocean Science Mathematics A Physics A Biology A Chemistry B
4 Disaster Science and Management Physics B Mathematics A Chemistry B

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Serial No Subject Minimum Grade
1 EEE Physics A Mathematical A
2 Applied Chemistry and Chemistry Chemistry B Mathematics B Physics Science B
3 CSE Physics B Mathematical B
4 Nuclear Engineering Physics A- Mathematics A-
5 Robotics and Micronics Engineering  Physics A Mathematical A

Dhaka University A/Ka Unit Marks Distribution & Time

Based on the points 80 marks and 120 marks in the admission test, the number will be calculated based on the number 200. Point calculation – GPA x 10 available in HSC and GPA x 6 in SSC.

The examination will reveal hell in MCQ mode.

Total number 120

Subjects Wise Marks

  • Physics- 30
  • Chemistry- 30
  • Mathematics- 30
  • Biology- 30
  • Bengali-30
  • English-30

Those who had HSC or equivalent physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, would answer these four issues. However, if someone wishes to respond only to the subject of Bangla / English instead of the 4th grade of the HSC level.

Du A unit Pass Marks

Pass marks are very important for every student. Those who did not have two of the four subjects mentioned in the HSC or equivalent would be able to answer either Bangla and English instead of those subjects or subjects. For each wrong answer, the number will deduct from the number based on the number 0.25.

Pass marks number 48

One will answer the four questions that he/she will get. In the admission test for any subject of DU unit, no matter how many numbers will be available.

Faculty of Science Faculty of Biology Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Engineering and Technology
1. Physics Science: Physics 12 and Mathematics 12
2. Mathematics: Mathematics 12
3. Chemistry: Chemistry 12
4. Statistics: Mathematics 15
5. Applied Mathematics: Mathematics 15
1. Soil, Water and Environment: Chemistry 12
2. Plant Science: Biology 12
3. Zoology: Biology 14
4. Biochemistry and Inspiring Science: Chemistry 15 Biology 15
5. Psychology: Biology / Mathematics 13
6. Microbiology: Chemistry 15 Biology 15
7. Fisheries Science: Biology 14
8. Gene Engineering and Biotechnology: Chemistry 12 Biology 12
1. Geography and Environment: Physics Science 12 / Mathematics 12 / Biology 12
2. Geology: Mathematics 12 and Physics / Chemistry 12
3. Oceanography: Mathematics 12, Chemistry 12, Biology 12, Chemistry 12
4. Disaster Science and Management: Physics 12, Mathematics 12, Chemistry 12
1. EEE: Physics 12 Mathematics 12
2. Applied chemistry and chemistry: Chemistry 12 Mathematics 12 Physics 12
3. CSE: Physics 18, Math 18
4. Nuclear Engineering: Materials 12 Mathematics 12
5. Robotics and Micronics Engineering: Element 15, Mathematics 15
Faculty of Pharmacy
1. Pharmacies: Chemistry 15 Biology 15
Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
1. Nutrition and Food Science: Chemistry 12, Biology 12
Faculty of Information Technology
1. Software Engineering: Mathematics 15, Physics 15
Faculty of Leather Engineering and Technology
1. Leather Engineering: Chemistry 12
2. Footwear Engineering: Chemistry 12
3. Leather Products Engineering: Chemistry 12

Du Ka Unit Admission Circular

Dhaka University world largest 25 ranking university in all over the world. Due to the admission of a university in Dhaka University, it is better to make one’s life beautiful. I wish you all the best. For more information about Dhaka University Admission visit official website of DU admission.eis.du.ac.bd

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