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Are you looking for Valentine Day History and information? Then you are in the right place. We are now providing you with the Valentine Day history including all the information. History of Valentine is very great. People really don’t know the real history of Valentine Day. Love is probably one of the rarest and popular applications in the world. While it is not possible to know the origin of love, it can assume that its history is primitive and old rather than evolution.

Valentine Day history

Valentine Day history

Valentine’s day is the day of the Love Day, which celebrates on 14th February in love and affection. The word love is effortless to mix with everyone’s innate instincts because of the love of the people growing up since birth, this love. And so everyone’s thinking about the day of love is special. The story of this day is quite colourful. Let’s look at the history page of Valentine’s Day or World Love Day on the history page.

Valentine Day HistoryValentine Day History

In 1993 Valentine Day came into our Bangladesh. The Valentine Day history started many years ago. Let’s know the full history of Valentine Day. In 269 CE, there was a Christian priest and physician named St.Valitine’s in Rome, Italy. The Roman Emperor, the second Gradius, was arrested by him for preaching. Because the preaching of Christianity in the Roman Empire was prohibited. In captivity, he healed a visually impaired girl from prison.

In this, the jealousy of St. Valentine’s popularity gave the king the death penalty. That day was on 14th February. Then in 496 Pope St. Gelasius announced the 1st Julius Valentine’s memorial on Valentine’s Day on 14th February. So it is the day of expression of love of love and love, but since the extent of a person’s love spreads around the many loved ones around him. So today the Love Day is universal.

Valentine day in Bangladesh

Valentine day in Bangladesh

We are Bangladeshi for that we always searching for valentine day history in Bengali. In 1993, the birth of World Valentine Day came to light in Bangladesh. Jazz goes to an editor of the newspaper Shafiq Rehman. She has studied in London. After coming to the country with the touch of the West, he started the practice of London culture. He goes to the first day to tell the world love day to the Bangladeshi people through Day magazine. In Tejgaon, no one had to take a job in his magazine office or take his girlfriend. I would love to see the couple’s love of Kobot-Kopoti. Shafiq Rehman first used the title. For this reason, Shafiq Rehman is called the founder of Valentine day in Bangladesh.

However, at the end of the day at 11:59 am: 14th February means “World Valentine Day”. The day starts to share with many beloved sesame friends and loved ones. To honor the people of love for the ages, in honor of sacred honor. We are in love because we like all good people as humans.Happy Valentine Day

“World Love Day” does not mean that it must be deposited on February 14th. We love people every moment, every day, every work Then on February 14th, the day of love will remain glittering in the sacred honor.

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