How to Check Teletalk Mobile Number 2022?

Teletalk Number check: How to check Teletalk Mobile number in 2022 using your phone? It is the most common question of Teletalk users in Bangladesh. As we know the Teletalk is the Government sim in Bangladesh. So the users of Teletalk SIM are huge. Most of the users have a problem is the Teletalk Number check. Sometimes they can’t find out the way to check their Teletalk mobile number. For that, we have a simple solution for you. After following this post, you will get a clear idea about the Teletalk number check by using USSD or SMS.

Simply Teletalk number starts with 015 and the complete phone is like that: 015AB-HBDBHD. It is an example, so don’t be confused.

Teletalk Number check

We are now showing the most right and effective way to Check Teletalk number. For your concern that this method is actually working for checking Teletalk phone number. Teletalk won’t much time to check number by this method. It will need not more than 30 seconds. Now, what will you need on how to Check Teletalk Number?

  • A Teletalk SIM &
  • A handset(Any Type)

Now follow the steps:

Steps 1: If you have a general phone without Android then Go to your Mobile menu then click on the message and finally click on Write message. We are now showing screenshots for android users.

  • Click On the message ICON like the picture.
Teletalk Number check Step One

Teletalk Number check Step One

Step 2: 

  • Message Type: Click on Pen icon or Write Message. Then Type “W” for Android Handset and General handset then Tape the Button “7

    Teletalk Number check Step Two

    Teletalk Number check Step Two

Step 3: 

  • Messaging Option: It is the final step for checking the Teletalk phone number. Just Send the Message To “321”.
Teletalk Number check Step Third

Teletalk Number check Step Third

Final Step:

  • Message Received: After all the procedures Teletalk will send you an SMS with your phone number. The message should be liked below.

    Teletalk Number check

    Teletalk Number check

In Short:

  • Go To Your Message Option And Type “W
  • Send The message to 321 Number

I think you got the number of Your Teletalk SIM card.

Teletalk Phone Number Check By USSD Code

There is another option to check the Teletalk phone number. The option is dialing the USSD code by your phone. Sometimes the USSD code may not be working for you. But we had a responsibility that we will inform you all the details of Teletalk number check 2022. So Let’s follow our Steps:

  • Go to You Dial where you used for calling someone.
  • Dial *551#
Teletalk Phone Number Check By USSD Code

Teletalk Phone Number Check By USSD Code

  • Then A Pop window will appear in front of you.
  • You will see the number of your SIM

I know the 2nd method that we shared is not working anymore. So try previous which is an actual working method for you.

Different Some Ways for Teletalk Number Check

Now Education BD is showing some ways to check your phone number in Teletalk. Here are some methods that will take charge of checking the phone number. Check below a complete table of Telatalk Number check 2022.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”134″ class=”center-table-align”]
We included all the methods of Teltalk phone number check on the table.
Besides this, we are now sharing some other things which are related to the Teletalk operator. For example:
  • Internet Balance Check: Dial *152# or Type U send to 111
  • Dial *152# to know the remaining SMS.
  • Balance Check: Only Dial *152#

Thanks, guys for visiting our site for how to Teletalk phone number for 2022. Hope this helpful for you.

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