Some Interesting Science facts

We don’t have proper knowledge of science. Science makes our life more comfortable. Now we are Some Interesting Science facts that you must know that will help you to learn some unknown things that you didn’t know before.

Interesting science facts that nobody knows:

unbelievable facts about earth

1. Although the Earth rotates 1000 miles per hour in its axis but moves forward at an incredible speed, which is roughly 67,000 miles per hour.

Some Interesting Science facts

2. Earth has more than 10000 earthquakes a year. But these are very momentary, and we do not notice the low vibration. But on the Richter scale, this wave is captured right.
There are about 100 lightning thunderstorms per second in the world. And on average, about 1000 people die every year in lightning.

surprising facts about the human body

1. First DNA discovered in 1869. Swiss Friedrich Miskolc discovered it.
The thermometer that we use for measuring fever which first discovered in 1607. Prominent scientist Galileo discovered it.

Another Some Interesting Science facts that you must know

1. In 1250, Roger Beacon invented the Atishi glass.

2. In 1866 Alfred Nobel created the dynamite.

3. First Nobel Prize Willem Ronjan discovered X-ray in 1895 (Physics).

4 The most erect tree of this period is an Australian eucalyptus tree whose height is 435 feet.

5. The electric eel can give approximately 650 volts of fish shock.

6. In 1962, the telephonic telephone satellite was launched to provide telephones and TV signals.

7. Giraffe sleeps only 20 minutes in most of 24 hours. Although sometimes sleep for two hours, it is a very different exception.

8. It takes just 60 seconds to take a blood cell to turn around the whole body.

9. There are 65,000 atoms in a rubber compartment.

10. A male body produces about 1000 cells in a second, about 86000000 in a day.

11. Every hour the universe is spreading hundreds of miles around the world.

12. If the journey starts at the speed of light, it will take two million years to go to the nearest galaxy endrumidas.

13. Egypt’s Aswan is the driest region, and there are only .08 inches of rain a year.

14. The most prominent desert in the world is the desert of Sahara. Its area is approximately 3,500,000 square miles.

15. The ability of a dog to smell is 1000 times more than human.

16. To get out of gravity power, a rocket has to run at 7 miles in seconds.

17. Some species of bamboos grow up to 3 feet a day.

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