How To Open Rocket Account Free at Home

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How to open a rocket account? What are the rules or procedures for opening a rocket account? What is a rocket? And What can be done from the rocket? You can get all the information about the benefits of Rocket account in one place.

What is DDBL Rocket account

Many people are not familiar with the term DBBL. The short name of Dutch Bangla bank limited is DBBL. At present Dutch Bangla Bank is a reputed bank in Bangladesh. Dutch Bangla bank or DBBL, which is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. Dutch Bangla Banking has been providing mobile banking services for a long time.

Besides, Dutch Bangla Bank is now offering agent banking services in remote areas of the country. Rocket, also known as DDBL rocket account, is a convenient mobile banking service provider from Dutch Bangla Bank.

 What is Rocket ?

Many of you may know what a rocket is. Many again, do not know well about Rocket. Rocket is the first mobile banking service provider in Bangladesh. Dutch Bangla bank limited (DBBL) launched its first mobile banking service in this country in 2011 under the name Dutch Bangla (Dutch-Bangla). DBBL mobile banking service was renamed Rocket in 2019 from Dutch Bangla.

Rocket Account Open

Although Rocket Mobile Banking Services, came before the Bkash, now the Bkash from in 2020 Rocket is far ahead in all aspects. As Bkash progresses, But Rocket customers are benefiting more from BKash in many services. Rocket cash-out charges and other cases.

How to open rocket account at home

How to open rocket account online, Many people have this question in their mind. Here are three ways you can easily open your Rocket account.

Rules for opening a rocket account:

  1. Open your rocket account at home.
  2. Open Rocket Account from Rocket Agent Point.
  3. Or, from Rocket Customer Service Point.

Rules for opening a rocket account at home:

You can open a Rocket account at home in two ways.

  • Dial * 322 # from your mobile.
  • Through Rocket Official Apps.

How to open Rocket account by dialing *322#

Dial * 322 # from your mobile, Reply by pressing 1 and clicking OK. After reply enter 4 (four) secret PIN of your choice and click OK. Then the pre-registration will be completed and you will know the account number (including check digit) via SMS. The initial account opening phase is over.

However, opening a rocket account in this way will cause you some problems.

  • 1 copy of your passport size photo
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card
  • You need to go to the nearest Rocket Agent Point, DBBL Fast Track, DBBL Branch, Rocket Office or DBBL Agent Banking Point.
  • You will have to Fill in an Account Opening Form (KYC),
  • Submit with your thumbprint and signature.
  • In no more than 3-5 working days your Rocket account will be activated and you will know via SMS.

NOTE: Remember that only 1 rocket account can be opened using 1 identity card.

How to Open Rocket Account by App

You can now open a Rocket account at home without having to fill up the Rocket Account Opening Form KYC. For instance, you must have a smartphone. To open a Rocket account from Rocket apps, first, download the Rocket app on your smartphone.

Follow our step from your App:

  1. Now install Rocket apps and select the language. If you know Bengali, you can also choose Bengali.
  2. Enter your number in the Mobile Number field and click the Next button.
  3. Now, Rocket will get a call where you will be told that you are opening an account on Rocket. If you want to open a Rocket account, you will be asked to enter a 4 digit PIN code and if you do not want to, cut off the call.
  4. Then a six-digit security code will be sent via SMS.
  5. Enter the security code and then click the Verify button.
  6. Once the Rocket apps are logged in, do some more “complete registration”.
  7. Take a picture of the voter ID (NID) card on both sides. Place the NID CARD on the white paper. Make sure the name and number of the card are clear. Then tap the NEXT button.
  8. Check that all your NID CARD information is correct.
  9. Read the latest security details carefully, tap the OK button after reading the warning.

Above all, if everything is done correctly, Rocket will send you a confirmation SMS to confirm your registration key and then confirm that your account has been opened.

For your concerned we added another rocket account related information below.

Rocket Cash Out Charge 2020

Many people know that rocket cash-out charges are just like the development now. In the case of the general customer of the personal rocket, account charges 18TK/thousand.

Send money from Rocket app is free, if you send money from Rocket from BUT USSD Code * 322 #, you will have to pay a fee of Tk 5 per transaction.

Rocket salary account charge:

The monthly salaries of the workers of many other organizations, including garment workers, are being paid on the rocket. Withdraw money from ATM Rocket atm charge is free in case of Rocket Celery account.

Rocket account check code is * 322 #

If you want to know more information about your account then you can find out by dialing * 322 #. Or check the DBBL Official Website.

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