Robi Internet Offer 2022- নতুন আপডেট

Robi Internet Offer 2022: Do you want to know Robi Internet Offer 2022? Then this post for you is described in detail here, Robi Data Offer. After reading the whole post, I hope you will know all the offers well. And you can choose the offer of your choice.

Robi is a famous mobile operator company in Bangladesh. Robi is providing 4.5G internet service to their customers. We will discuss Robi Internet Offer 2022 in this post, and they have many offers.

Robi Internet Offer 2022

Robi has a large number of customers in Bangladesh. One of them likes different. Robi offers taste and quality internet for these customers. Robi is one of the mobile operators in Bangladesh. With 4.5G service, they have been able to win the hearts of customers. At the moment they have launched several internet offers for their customers. This post has been arranged for those looking for

  • MB Offer
  • Robi GB Offer
  • Daily Offer
  • Weekly Offer and
  • Monthly Offer.

Since many offers are running, we will present the proposals in several sections for our readers’ convenience.

Robi 1 day internet pack – Daily Package

First of all, I will inform you about the internet packages of the Robi 1 day period. You can purchase the Robi One Day Internet Pack from Robi MB Offer 2022, which is also available in the One Day Term Table. Here are 4 packs for 1 day.

Total MBTotal AmountActivationvalidity
10 MB3.44 BDT*123*004#1 day
45 MB12.20 BDT*123*782#1 day
200 MB8 BDT*123*200#1 day
200 MB20 BDT*123*0020#1day

Of these, 200 MB is a good offer for 8 TK. You can choose it if you want.

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Robi weekly internet offer pack

There are several offers for seven days of use. All the data packs are highlighted below. Let us know what you are using or going to do by commenting in the comment box.

Total MBTotal AmountActivationvalidity
1 GB89Recharge7 days
6 GB101 Recharge7 days
1 GB+25 minute+25 sms 58 Recharge    7 days
1.5 GB Bonus 500 MB101 *123*101#7 days
1GB (250 MB,100 SMS, 50 Minute)98 *123*098#7 days
1GB47 *123*1024#7 days
3GB (500 MB, 150 SMS, 130 Min)249 *123*0249#7 days
4GB Bonus 500 MB179 *123*179#7 days
4GB (2GB+ 2GB 4G)108 *123*0108#7 days
6 GB (3GB 4G SIM)129 *123*0129#7 days
10 GB (3GB 4GB Pack)199 *123*0199#7 days

Robi monthly internet offer package

Nowadays, in the age of WiFi, we hardly have to use monthly packages. Yet many do not have WiFi and need a monthly pack for various reasons. Then 2-4 days or seven days of data does not work. There are several monthly internet offers for them. Robi Monthly Internet Package 2022.

Total MBTotal TakaActivationvalidity
350 MB Social Pack18.26*123*0250#28 days
8 GB239Recharge 28 days
30 GB349Recharge 28 days
2 GB+15minute+30sms149Recharge 28 days
3 GB+150minute+150sms251 takaRecharge 28 days
1 GB+475 minute278 takaRecharge 30 days
11 GB+350 minute +100sms499Recharge 30 days
1 GB+1000 minute574Recharge30 days
5 GB+500 minute+100sms599Recharge30 days
30 GB+700 mintue+200sms999Recharge30 days

Robi 10 MB offer

Robi SIM Robi MB offers have some internet offers for one day for less money. Dial the following code to purchase 10 MB Robi MB for 3.44 Taka. Term 7 days.

Robi 3.44 taka 10 mb internet offer code: *123*004#

Robi 45 MB offer

You can get 45 MB of internet by purchasing Robi 10 taka MB card. Excluding MB card purchase, you can buy Robi 45 MB pack easily with a code. Term 1 day.

Robi 10 taka 45 mb internet offer code: *123*782#

Robi 200 MB offer

Changes can be noticed in some packs over time. The 200 MB Robi internet offer is also a bit like this. Robi 200 MB 2 offers can be seen here. Now you can get 200 MB internet in Robi for only 7 takas for one day. Again there is an offer for 200 MB 20 taka. Both offers are valid for one day.

 Robi 8 taka 200 mb internet offer code: *123*200#

Robi internet package 1gb 3 days

The Robi 1 GB offer is one of the best 1GB internet offers ever available. You will get this pack in Robi Net offer for three days. If you have low internet usage, you can purchase a Robi internet package 1gb offer.

Robi 1gb offer purchase method:

  • To get 1 GB internet, recharge 32 TK Robi.

Robi 1.5 GB offer 

You are getting 1.5 GB internet in your Robi SIM for 41 TK. For some customers who need more internet for less time, this offer is for them.

Robi 1.5 GB offer Purchase Method: Recharge 41 taka Robi to get the offer.

Robi 2 GB offer

Among the above internet offer Robi, 2GB 54 taka internet offer is the most popular. If your usage is low/high, choose your proposal from the table above.

Robi 2GB offer purchase method:

  • To buy the offer, you will recharge Tk 54 on your Robi number.
  • Dial * 123 * 54 # to purchase the offer directly.

How to view Robi Offers on your mobile?

Dial * 999 # from your mobile, then you can read the details of the offers on the screen and activate it from there. You can also see the data offer by dialing *0#.

How to check minutes, internet, SMS of Robi offer?

  1. To check your Robi internet balance dial *3#
  2. check Robi Minute dial *222*2#
  3. To check Robi SMS dial *222*3#

Terms of Robi Offer:

  1. Internet volume can be used on 2G / 3G / 4G networks until further notice.
  2. All Robi prepaid customers can buy all the above packages.
  3. Only Robi Prepaid customers can buy these data packs through recharge.
  4. However, both Robi Prepaid and Robi Postpaid customers can enjoy the internet packs by dialing USSD code.

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