ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table – Cricket News

The ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table is a crucial aspect of the tournament as it provides a clear picture of the teams’ performance and standings. It is updated regularly throughout the tournament to reflect the outcomes of each match. The points table is based on a simple scoring system where teams are awarded points for their performance. A win earns a team 2 points, while a tie or no result gives them 1 point. In case of a loss, no points are awarded. The points table is arranged in descending order, with the team having the highest points at the top. In the case of tie-in points, the net run rate is used as a tiebreaker. The net run rate is calculated by dividing the total runs scored by the total overs faced, minus the total runs conceded by the total overs bowled. The points table provides fans and teams with a quick overview of the tournament’s progress and helps in determining the teams that qualify for the knockout stages. It adds an element of excitement and competitiveness to the tournament as teams strive to secure their position in the top spots of the points table.

ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table

Teams NameMatchWonLostTiedNRPointNRR
India  (Q)8800016+2.456
South Africa  (Q)8620012+1.376
New Zealand844008+0.398
Sri Lanka725004-1.162
Bangladesh  (E)716002-1.446
England  (E)716002-1.504

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