History of Durga Puja (English & Hindi)

History of Durga Puja: Are you looking for the History of Durga Puja? Then you are in the right place. We are now providing the right history of Durga Puja in English and Hindi pictures. So let’s get started. From this post, you will get: What is the history of Durga Puja? How did Durga Puja start on earth, its history? Where in the world was Durga worshipped before and who have glorified it in its entire history? At the end of the noon era, when Kali was just a womb. Here Lastest Durga Puja Photo Available for download.

History of Durga Puja

History of Durga Puja one

There was a religion called Surath, a devout, devoted, loving person, a warrior, a Mahatma, and an enlightened king. The King of Surath was born Kshatriya and was not defeated in any war of his life. In the kingdom of the Chariot king, happiness and prosperity abound. The King of Surath used to arrange the time for the good of the domain. One day, upon hearing that the kingdom of Surat declared war with the king of Surath, the king of Surat started preparing for war. Then the day of battle was set on the third of Maghi Purnima, and the war started on the third of Purnima respectively.

But in the war, he defeated at the hands of the warrior nation. On that occasion, his ministers and members of the meeting occupied his wealth and army.

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History Of Durga Puja in Hindi

History Of Durga Puja in Hindi

Walking through the forest, he came to the ashram of a sage named Medha. But the king was not happy in the woods. He was always worried about the good of his lost kingdom. At that time, in the forest, there was an appearance in the forest called Surath tomb. Speaking to him, Sarath learned that the wife and sons of the tomb had taken away all his money and belongings and had driven him out of the house. But he was always worried about the welfare and welfare of his wife and sons.

History Of Durga Puja In English
History Of Durga Puja In English

The question arose in their hearts, why they are not angry with those who have taken away all their belongings? Why or why are they worried about the good of those people? The two asked the intellectual sage, and the sage said that this is what is happening under the influence of Parameswari Mahamaya. When Surath asked him about Mahamaya, he simultaneously told him three stories (these stories are the main topic of Sri Sri Chandi). After hearing the tale of merit, Surath and Samadhi spent three years doing hard penance on the banks of the river

In this process, Durga Puja came to Hinduism.