Digital Bangladesh Paragraph For All Class Students

Are you looking for Digital Bangladesh Paragraph for your class or any competitive exam? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get Digital Bangladesh Paragraph for your desired class. To get the highest marks in any exam like School, college or any job(Competitive exam), you can use this paragraph. Bangladesh Government has a dream to make this country fully digital where there will be no poverty, lack of food, lack of Education and others. The government of Bangladesh is now provided the internet for all sectors of people. So Digital Bangladesh is now getting a challenge for all the Department of our country. So, it is very important for all level students In Bangladesh.

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

Digital Bangladesh is a new strategy for the development of Bangladesh, which is based on further information and communication technology. It aims at E-governance and service delivery through utilizing information and communication technology. In our country, good governance and quick service delivery are still a far cry. To bring dynamization in governance and service delivery, it is essential to start digitizing the service delivery organs like the Land department, PDB, WASA, Banking sectors, Education Department etc. It is also necessary to establish connectivity within all administrative units and bring more citizens to the information highway.

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

In this way, by ensuring mass people’s access to information, we can achieve sustainable progress. For example, telemedicine can bring patients at remote closer to specialist doctors working at major cities. In our agrarian economy, ICT can be used to provide our farmers with the latest agricultural commodity price information. E-Governance can narrow down the gap between the citizens and the government by reducing time and removing the hazards of the people. In excellent, we can say that digital Bangladesh can eliminate poverty, hunger, disease and corruption through technological progress.

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